Awww, The Today Show Finally Discovers Christian The Lion

Remember the heady days of late June, when our heartsicles were melted by the YouTubed story of those guys being reunited with their pet lion in the ’60s? This morning, The Today Show played the video and Meredith Vieira cried! Strangely, though, they chose to just show the amateur, kind of awkwardly-done video straight from YouTube with no commentary or reportage other than calling it heartwarming and big on the internet. (This version uses I Will Always Love You, a better choice than the previous version’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.):

Showing this video without context is kind of like Meredith Vieira reporting that her friend’s brother’s uncle woke up in a New Orleans hotel room bathtub without his liver, but whatever, it’s summer. Maybe this took the place of one of those “Why you should feed your kids other things besides candy!” Idiocracy segments.