The Surfer Dude Trailer Won’t Harsh Your Morning Mellow

There is now a trailer for Surfer Dude, the movie Matthew McConaughey was filming when the great surfer/paparazzi war of June 22nd and 23rd threatened to tear Malibu asunder, and I can’t tell if the fact that it’s a perfect and ultimate parody of itself is going to make it a cult classic, or a forgettable movie. But catchphrase-ready lines like “Somethin’s wrong with these fish, man” and the fact that it’s a movie about a surfer who gets caught up with an evil businessman who wants to “digitize” him make me lean toward the former:

With lines like “I’m not an assclown in a green room. I’m a surfer, dude.” it’s clear that they’re making fun of themselves. Whether that means Surfer Dude should be a five minute funny or die video or a full length film remains to be seen. Either way, Matthew McConaughey is going to be so typecast after this! Just kidding.