Things I Learned About Paul Rudd From This Video Of Paul Rudd In High School

If you’ve ever wondered what Paul Rudd was like in high school, and who hasn’t, you’re about to find out he was a total drama geek. Several things become evident about Paul Rudd from this twelve minute video of Paul Rudd being silly with his friend in an acting competition in Kansas in 1987 (apparently they were state champions):

1. Paul Rudd had a mullet.
2. Paul Rudd dressed funny in 1987, like everyone else in 1987.
3. Paul Rudd did Pee Wee Herman impressions.
4. Paul Rudd jumped around a lot.
5. Despite being a drama geek, Paul Rudd has always been popular with the ladies.

I could watch Paul Rudd doing whatever this is all day:

Twelve minutes in heaven! (Thanks to Mark for the amazing tip.)