Will Jimmy Kimmel Look Sad On His Live TV Show Tonight?

Yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman’s reps announced that the comedy power couple had broken up after five years. Hopefully the breakup was mutual and the two are mending their broken hearts by making separate scrapbooks of their relationship in happier times, doing yoga, and perhaps reading Eat, Pray, Love. Last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live was, disappointingly, a repeat, but he comes back live tonight and the question on everyone’s (my) mind is this: Will Jimmy talk about it? (Probably not.) Will he look sad? (We can probably find facial expressions that approximate sadness) And oooh, oooh, what if he totally cried, how crazy would that be? Either way, I’m DVRing it. Here’s an interview with Sarah from that Michael Eisner show where she talks about meeting Jimmy for the first time:

I can’t wait for some crazy person to make the inevitable Jimmy/Sarah YouTube relationship tribute video.