You Know Who’s Huge Right Now? ALF.

It seems that the furry alien from the ’80s sitcom is enjoying a resurgence in popularity on the internet lately. ALF-sightings on blogs have been steadily rising all summer, from outtakes that reveal the show’s unhappy cast to comedian Paul Scheer’s recent ALF-set-woes investigation to a mashup on Best Week Ever today and even mentions on Gawker, of all places. So it can’t be a coincidence that late last night, as ALF obsessives slept, Hulu quietly added the entire second season of ALF to its free video library. The episodes are heavy on dream sequences and includes such very special episodes as “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place“:

ALF moves in with his blind friend, Jody, and learns some important lessons about life without sight.

Next assignment internet: let’s get them to put up Blossom.