Today Show Producer Calls Kathie Lee “Just A Woman With Crabs”

Yes, obsessive Today Show Fourth Hour-geeks, I know that Kathie Lee has a running joke this week about how she wants to talk about crabs, which she calls “her crabs”, and I know it means her love of cooking Maryland crabs. And I know that Kathie Lee is fully aware that crabs are also a kind of STD, and is in fact playing around talking about her crabs all the time to be funny, and I even know that it actually is a little bit funny. But I still like to imagine someone turning on the TV this morning and seeing this Today Show producer try to make a callback joke on the spot by telling Kathie Lee that nobody wants to pay money to see her picture like they pay money to see the pregnant man’s picture, because “You’re just a woman with crabs”:

I’m sorry, that’s funny. Double take! What did he just say? Crabs!