These Creepy Faceless People Are All Over England And It’s Scary

England is all abuzz about this “faceless” mask-wearing couple who’ve been photographed at publicity events around London, including Elton John’s white ball, a Harrods department store event, and, today, Wimbledon. They’re actually really creepy! Theories abound that they’re members of the Scientology-baiting group called Anonymous, or that they’re celebrities who don’t want to be photographed (what’s with the badges, then?), but the best hypothesis so far seems to be marketing for a movie or TV show. A list of movies coming out soon in the UK shows no obvious suspects (The Strangers, which could make a little sense, doesn’t open there until August 29.) Maybe Dr. Who, the series finale of which is is a huge deal over there right now? Somebody needs to recognize these people soon, it’s scary.