The Gross Feet People From The Ped Egg Commercial Are Suing And It’s Not Even My Birthday

It’s always too early in the morning for the Ped Egg commercial, which, with its disgusting examples of diseased foot skin, and shocking “emptying of the Ped Egg into the trash can” demonstration that single-handedly introduced an entirely new nightmare powdered substance to the universe, was like so totally old gross news by the time we launched this site. But not anymore! Via Jezebel, a model couple whose feet are shown in the commercial in “horror makeup,” eliciting cries of “That is not even within the realm of normalcy for dry feet!” and “Oh my god, please stop!” are actually suing because, among other complaints, they thought the commercial would be “internet-only.” Oops, Kelly Parker-Corso and Jonathan Corso, who also came in second on The Amazing Race (foot joke) in 2003, the internet is something people can see you on, and I found you:

(Well, okay, I found Kelly P.) Being the martyr who watched like nine versions of the commercial just to find this, I have a theory that the “horror makeup” is plain old oatmeal. So next time you can’t get to the remote fast enough, just try to remember that, and the Ped Egg commercial will have lost some of its power.