Make Your Own Crappy Bachelorette “Mix Tape”

Someone at ABC, probably an intern, is cool and knows about the existence of This intern must have suggested in a meeting that ABC promote the new season of The Bachelorette by allowing viewers to make their own “mix tape” and post the widget on their Facebook pages and blogs. Good idea, bad execution, starting with this lie:

The 25 bachelors hoping to win DeAnna’s heart have made their picks for the ultimate mix tape. Now, it’s your turn! Pick up to 10 songs from the bachelors’ songs and make your own mix tape!

There’s no way that none of the 25 bachelors, as super-boring as they are especially this season, picked anything other than popular karaoke songs like “The Greatest Love Of All” and two Counting Crows songs. And some classics, but “I’ll Make Love To You”? Gross.

Also, after I made my mix tape (I have to, I work here) and got the widget, I learned that you actually have to buy the songs on itunes, which I guarantee you not a single person has done. Either you want “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” on mp3 and you own it already, or you don’t and you don’t. Anyway, I don’t know why I’m actually mad about this, but here’s “my” list of mostly bad songs inspired by The Bachelorette:

“Jessie’s Girl” stands out, amusingly, probably because the pre-Bachelor Bob Guiney of the show is a quirky snowboarder named Jesse.