Sex And The City Is Actually Okay (If You Watch It On TBS)

So last night I was over at a friend’s house and she suggested we watch an episode of Sex And The City on TBS. So we did. And it was…good? I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. The friendships were believable, the plot was thought-provoking, and there was a strange absence of bad puns. As I walked home from the subway I pondered this bizarre occurrence. I know I must have hate-watched every episode of SATC over the years on HBO. Why would watching it on TBS make it better? And then, an epiphany:

SATC on TBS is an SATC with the sex scenes edited out. And SATC with the sex scenes edited out is basically SATC with Samantha edited out.

It’s like a mathematical formula for making the show bearable! It’s not the worst show ever, I just hate Samantha! (It’s still not the greatest of shows, but without the distraction of extreme Samantha resentment, I sort of get what the early episodes were trying to do now.)

Anyway, it was Season 2, episode 17: Four Women And A Funeral. The one they later re-dubbed to change “JFK Jr.” to “Leonardo DiCaprio” after the former died. See, I even know SATC trivia now. Thank you, TBS. (But I still don’t feel bad for spoiling the movie.)