Grey’s Anatomy’s Lexie Was A Punk On That ’80s Show

There’s another entry in what will surely be the long annals of pretty ladies on popular TV shows today who played punks on TV shows a long time ago, but we can add Chyler Leigh of Grey’s Anatomy to the list that includes Jan from The Office. So turns out that Chyler, who happens to have denied a sex tape on the basis of a “sprawling tattoo” today, played a punk on the short-lived That ’70s Show spinoff That’ ’80’s Show. Which appears to have been exactly like a regular awkward sitcom, but with a lot of mauve and beige.

My only problem with this other than the unfunniness is the fact that nobody would not have, in the ’80s, had to explain a Mr. T reference at all, much less say “The A Team’s Mr. T”. That’s just insulting.