Own One Of Tony Soprano’s Sweat-And-Blood-Soaked Shirts

If you’ve ever watched multiple episodes of The Sopranos in a short period of time (or if you’re just observant) you’ve probably noticed that Tony has a limited wardrobe that consists of mostly this shirt:

He also wears a suit when someone dies (often) and a bathrobe to go down the driveway each morning and put his life in danger by getting the paper. So that’s why it’s kind of funny that The Hollywood Reporter is Hollywood reporting today that James Gandolfini, who was allowed to keep most of Tony’s wardrobe, is auctioning it off for charity:

Gandolfini’s wardrobe, which includes many outfits with the original production tags attached, is expected to bring up to $36,500.

Here are three more of my favorite Tony Soprano fashions:

Young, thin Tony in a polo:

Older, less lean Tony, in something that appears to have an actual collar:


What could that shirt possibly be compared to? Oh yeah: a crime. Ugh. Anyway, the auction is for a very good cause: The Wounded Warrior Project, and any of these shirts would go down in family lore as the Best Father’s Day Present Ever.