The Three Best Clips From The Surprisingly Awesome SNL Finale

So how about SNL’s Steve Carell-hosted finale this weekend? It was actually … really … funny. It’s almost as if having a host who’s a veteran comic actor and not some flavor-of-the-month celebrity makes a difference in the quality of a comedy sketch show. The Japanese version of The Office is the main sketch people will be talking about today, but even the opening pre-monologue sketch, which hasn’t been watchable since the Will Ferrell era was, dare I say it, classic. And professional Daily Show guest John McCain proved he has a better sense of humor about himself than either Democratic candidate, or at least better writers or more lax spokespeople. The show was consistently good through Weekend Update, but here are the three best clips.

Ricky Gervais presents the Japanese show that was the original inspiration for The Office. This is probably the first time anyone has ever said “It’s funny because it’s racist” on SNL:

Shit! John McCain knows he’s old:The Pounder School For Students With Special Needs commencement sketch is genius. But I also think “That’s what she said” is genius:

SNL should take this as a lesson for next season: More comedian hosts who write their own sketches, less Shia LaBeouf in a dress.