NKOTB On The Today Show: Didn’t They (Blow Your Mind)?

Don’t even pretend that The New Kids On The Block’s Today Show appearance wasn’t the biggest entertainment news of the morning. My generation’s most-loved Non Threatening Males took over the plaza and performed hits like “Step By Step” and “The Right Stuff” for an ecstatic raincoat-clad crowd. (What, no “Dirty Dawg”? I guess they’ll save that for their summer tour.) I tried to retain an ironic distance while watching this, but aside from some gentle chuckling at the idea of these old guys dancing, I failed. It was like when I tried to pretend I hated them for most of fifth grade until finally pledging my allegiance to Jordan Knight, who I still maintain was (WAS) the only cute one.

I wonder if Jonathan Knight’s real-estate buddies are going to make fun of him for this.