The New Bachelorette: Justice For DeAnna

DeAnna Pappas, the gorgeous Georgia “firecracker” whose heart was majorly broken by Bachelor Brad Womack, or whatever it’s called when it happens on a game show, will exact her revenge on dudes starting Monday, May 19, when The Bachelorette premieres on ABC. (The few remaining other people with standing Bachelor-franchise watching parties will only have to go one week without a fix!). ABC put out a press release today with some details from the premiere episode. I’ve bolded the interesting parts:

As the biggest night of her life begins, so does the competition between the men. Paul gives her a twirl; Eric greets her in Greek, while Jesse makes an outrageous fashion statement in florescent sneakers and a flamboyant jacket. As the guys go wild trying to impress DeAnna to get the three “first impression” roses, Luke presents her with a pearl necklace; Jason asks her to dance and Robert, who decides food is the way to a woman’s heart particularly since he’s chef — whips up a special crab cocktail in the mansion’s kitchen and presents it with a flourish to the Bachelorette, as the other jealous men look on. On the cool California night, Ryan, who candidly admits that he is saving himself for marriage, hogs a blanket as he talks to DeAnna on the patio, while Spero chivalrously comes rushing in to offer her his jacket.

When only one “first impression” rose is left, the testosterone-fueled battle heats up. Sean shows off his martial arts expertise with an exciting karate move, kicking a lemon off Jesse’s head. Brian shows off his six-pack abs, while Chandler shows off his duck calling talents. But Paul, at his outrageous best, jumps into the pool fully clothed and emerges wearing only a tiny bathing suit with DeAnna’s name embroidered across the rear.

Between the flamboyant jacket, the virgin, karate, surprise speedo, and a pearl necklace, it sounds like the first episode will be an exact cross between The Pickup Artist and Rock Of Love. And who doesn’t love a good dramatic blanket-hogging subplot?