Sex And The City “Spoiler”: Charlotte Dies Of A Urinary Tract Infection

Yesterday, I began begging for actual plot details from the Sex And The City movie. If you’ve seen the movie, think of sending me spoilers anonymously as a form of protest against the fascist SATC press regime, which refuses to allow the movie to be seen in any kind of critical light (yet). I just think that if these people and this movie are going to be in our faces constantly, we should at least have the opinions of reasonable people and not just self-selected SATC groupie/zombies following every order Sarah Jessica Parker hands down to them. Especially with all the bad shit going down in the world right now, and the election, and the environment.

Last night, I got my first spoiler email:

To: [email protected]
From: XXX

luv yer site! i work for a company that is v v involved in satc. got to see plenty. what u want to know?

From: [email protected]

Really? Um, the secrets? The Plot? The Ending?

To: [email protected]
From: XXX

u can _never_ tell it was me & i dont want to give away too much :), but the biggest one is this-charlotte dies. of a uti. kind of dark.

The first thing I thought (after the obvious) was “The funny thing is, Charlotte would be the least likely of the four women to get a UTI.”

(Note: If I got a real spoiler, I would put it after the jump, of course. I don’t want to actually spoil the movie for anyone who’s excited about it, just people like me who don’t give a shit.)