The Bachelor: Yep, It’s Gonna Be Chelsea!

Last night on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All (the episode where the bachelor confronts the women he’s kicked off), Dreamy British Bachelor Matt Grant sported a new “David Beckham” haircut. He also totally slipped up and gave viewers a clue as to which bachelorette he’ll be proposing to on next week’s show. Matt explained to his latest rejectee, Amanda, why he didn’t choo-choo-choose her:

I was concerned when it came to conversations that we had that it was always “like” not “love” that was being used with Amanda and I, whereas with CHELSEA (long pause as he seems to remember Shayne exists) and Shayne it was the love word that was being used.

Oops! And the actual video is even more telling.

The Bachelor notoriously edits in fake-outs every season, but this slip-up seems like pretty strong evidence that Shayne doesn’t have a chance.