How I Met Your Mother: Is There A Barney/Robin Sex Tape?

Whoa! On last night’s only so-so episode (full episode here), Barney rebounds from his breakup with Ted by taking up with Will Forte as his “rebound bro,” and Ted and Stella’s relationship moves forward even though we know she can’t be The Mother because, as commenter Carol pointed out last week: “The kids would know if they had an older half-sister.” We know from the last two episodes that Barney and Robin hooked up, everyone found out, and now they’re pretending it never happened. There were few references to the incident in this episode, but this throwaway line of dialogue could provide clues for the future. Robin showed up to help Barney train Will Forte as a wingman:

Barney: My friend Robin here has agreed to help out.
Robin: Because you threatened to put a video of us on the internet which I’m still not convinced you have.
Barney: Right, which is why you came all the way from Brooklyn at midnight.

There are no clues on Barney’s updated blog, but there is an hilarious application to become his wingman (“For some reason you’re pretending to be British. Who is your president?”). Still, I predict a Barney/Robin sex tape Season 3 cliffhanger!