SATC On Oprah: No Spoilers Unless You Count Shoe Metaphors, Which I Do

Those awful Sex And The City people were on Oprah today, and Oprah was very excited. In honor of the movie, Oprah showed it to her audience (minus the ending), and Sarah Jessica Parker made them go through an elaborate, kind of not even joking oath-swearing ceremony both before and after seeing the incomplete film, making them “honor-bound” to not even tell their best friends anything about it. “You can brag, but you can’t blog,” Sarah warned not a little sternly to the uncomfortable crowd.

How excited is SJP about the movie? “Excited is like a flip flop to a high heel, it doesn’t even describe.” The fact that that mangled just-say-anything-about-shoes line (that we’re sure to hear versions of again and again in the next month) got a huge laugh tells us more about the quality of the movie than any Oprah-audience-member rogue blog ever could. And by that I mean it’s going to suck. (And Steve is gay.)