College Is The Hydrox Of Apatow Comedies

You know back when there were video stores, and a big blockbuster was about to come out in theaters, and you would see these direct-to-videos a few weeks before that were clearly produced to trick you into thinking you could rent the real thing before the movie even came out? I’m thinking of the time my mom brought home this fake ripoff of Titanic called “Secrets Of Titanic” or something. So I guess some people did fall for that. I guess if the line is too long for Tropic Thunder or The Pineapple Express this summer, you could just see College, which features the generic versions of both the characters from Superbad and the plot points of every college comedy ever. They should have a marketing tie-in with Fanta:

It’s “by the producers of Waiting.” I actually kind of enjoyed Waiting, but because of Anna Faris, not because of the people who put up the money for Waiting.