Jason Segel’s Penis Is Now Online!

Yesterday I asked for screengrabs of Jason Segel’s full-frontal scenes from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But nobody sent one, so I had to set up these Google alerts:

“Jason Segel’s Penis”
“Jason Segal’s Penis”
“Jason Segel’s Dick”

ETC ETC (Yes, even “johnson” and “wang”). For the longest time, I found nothing, until finally the internet realized that Jason Segel’s penis is like information: it wants to be free. So here is Jason Segel’s Penis Wang. I think you’ll be surprised at exactly how much he was willing to show:

But please don’t let this good-size slightly-fluffed SPOILER keep you from seeing the movie. It’s funny! And if anyone has any MORE pictures of Jason Segel’s johnson weiner, by all means, send them to me! (That’s my private Videogum address, as Gabe and the other guys expressed a lack of interest in Jason Segel’s schlong wee-wee.)