No Gabe, There Is No Such Thing As “Tina Feytigue”

Look, I get it: I know why Doree and Gabe think Tina Fey is risking overpromotion with all this being everywhere stuff. But are we, as bloggers who have Google Alerts on Tina Fey’s name, really the audience for Baby Mama, her new movie that absolutely has to do well when it opens in theaters across America a week from tomorrow? If Tina’s upcoming appearance on Oprah is any indication, we are not. But you know who is that audience? Our MOMS. So I just called mine, who lives in a Southern Red State:

Me: Hey Mom!
Mom: Hey sweetie!
Me: Okay, I’m going to ask you a question. It’s for work. I’m going to say the name of a famous person, and you tell me if you’ve ever heard of that person, okay?
Mom: Okay.
Me: Tina. Fey. F-e-y. Tina Fey.
Mom: Nope! Who is that?
Me: She used to be on Saturday Night Live, and she’s on a show called 30 Rock now, and she has a new movie called Baby Mama coming out next week.
Mom: I’ve heard of Saturday Night Live. I always told you you should be on that show.
Me: Um, thanks Mom. I’m sure it will happen soon.

SO, see? Tina Feytigue is just something we have to live with for a little while so that Our Tina can become a household name, which she’s not yet. It’s worth it!