I Have Watched This Intro For The 1982 Seven Brides For Seven Brothers TV Show Every Day For Two Weeks

So I turned on Days of Our Lives a few weeks ago to see if it had changed at all since I was briefly into it in college (it hasn’t) and was marveling at how John Black, despite having nearly the MOST acting practice under his belt of anyone in the world, is still completely wooden and stilted and distractingly bad at his chosen profession. I mean, he seems like a nice guy, and I’m not saying his name here in case he Googles himself, seriously, but he is. So I IMDBd him (of course) and found among his credits this amazing gem: the intro for the short-lived 1983 musical drama Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, also starring River Phoenix and MacGyver!

I love how:

  • The theme song is the worst: “Seven brothers brave and strong/searchin’ for seven brides/lovin’ each other and livin’ with pride/tryin’ to take a stand

  • Except for River Phoenix’s baseball cap, you could easily think the show was set in olden western times (like the classic 1954 musical it’s “based” on), until the one brother rides up to the cowboys in a speeding Jeep!

CBS, release this on DVD. I want to see these people sing! (There are some other clips from the show on YouTube, but they’re not of singing, so don’t bother.)