The All-For-Nots: I Think I’d Rather Watch The Actual Monkees

The All-For-Nots are a fake band made up of “musical actors from Williamsburg” (ooh!) whose fake tour is the basis for a web series backed by Michael Eisner. Watching their most recent episode, in which they get into a fake fight at a college and do a lot of that kind of “parody” where one mentions how big you are on MySpace and Facebook constantly, I got nostalgic for the first big fake band to which this New York Times article refuses to compare The All-For-Nots, probably because they’re boring and The Monkees actually made good music.

Watch this, it’s bad!:

Or watch this, it’s good!:

The All-For-Nots’ spokespeople make such a big deal about how they hired actors with musical backgrounds, when they probably would have been better off hiring comedians.