Stream Yung Alter EP

The Danish quartet Yung formed during the summer of 2013 and seethed together for two months until their EP Alter took shape. You can hear the season in the urgency in their music — the scalded hot rubber tar and laziness, the angst of empty, humid days and the welcome relief of long, cool nights. Yung consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Mikkel Holm Silkjær, drummer Frederik Nybo Veile, bassist Tobias Guldborg Tarp and guitarist Emil Zethsen, and they reside in Denmark’s Aarhus, which they claim as the country’s “punk rock capital” (though the Copenhagen scene boasting Iceage, Lower, Vår, etc. might dispute that). They’ve got tight melodies and riffs that are absolutely bleeding with rage and despair, so much so that all that anger circles right back around to happiness again. That’s the point of punk, right? On “Nobody Cares” they scream back the song title with the kind of euphoria that only surfaces when you finally stop giving a fuck what anybody else thinks about you. Alter is full of rage-destroying guitar work and drums so heavy that all your anger evaporates and re-appears as elation. It’s scorched-earth punk rock with enough melody to hold even an atypical listener’s interest. Listen below.

Alter is out 3/2 on Tough Love. Pre-order it here on transparent red vinyl.

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