Stream Chris Weisman The Holy Life That’s Coming

Stream Chris Weisman The Holy Life That’s Coming

The acoustic guitar has been humanity’s instrument of choice to eek out woes, observations, and romantic minutia for so many centuries that it’s astounding to think there’s anything worthwhile left to be done in the form at all. Yet with just a four-track and the aforementioned instrument, Chris Weisman’s The Holy Life That’s Coming comes to us like a revelation. It’s not brimming with fire and end-of-times prophecies but more like a Psalm, quietly relaying wisdom, agape and pointing the way toward green pastures we can all lie down in. Weisman’s songwriting has a natural, conversational grace, and listening to the album feels dynamic, more like a heart-to-heart with a friend who always gives you good advice.

“How everything is always like a circle / How everything is always like no path,” Weisman muses on “I Couldn’t Be Discovered,” sounding so much like a verse from the Tao Te Ching that I had to scan my copy to see if it was direct quote. Perhaps that’s the best way to typify Weisman, his music turns ordinary objects and the everyday detritus of relationships into proverbs that are spiritual in their simplicity. Listen below, and ascend to a higher plane.

(via Tiny Mix Tapes)

The Holy Life That’s Coming is out 2/26 via NNA Tapes.

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