Stream Beech Creeps Beech Creeps (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream Beech Creeps Beech Creeps (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn’s Beech Creeps describe themselves as a three-limbed “rock ‘n roll Chimera,” a fire-breathing, mythological creature that’s terrifying because of the way it combines already known quantities of beast into one roiling mass. Continuing in the mythological vein, the members all assumed tongue-in-cheek new identities for the project, perhaps in order to distance themselves from their past work. Zach Lehrhoff (Ex Models, Knyfe Hyts) transformed into PP Colada, Mark Shue (Doug Gillard, Pterodactyl) helms vocals as Yka Mofongo and Luke Fasano (People Get Ready, Yeasayer) becomes drummer Ron Llave. I don’t think adults get to play enough in daily life — as in the act of doing something purely for fun, just being silly — so I really enjoy the fantastic otherworld these guys have created for themselves. Of course, it would all fall apart if they weren’t also a channeling tight noise rock of mythic proportions.

There is something prehistoric about the self-titled debut album this trio have delivered. It feels raw and blood-thirsty in a way that current rock just doesn’t anymore. But given the members’ disparate backgrounds, it’s not all these-go-to-eleven massive walls of sound. Surging nine-minute opener “Everybody Loves The Beech” waltzes into the same dreamy psychedelia that made Led Zeppelin beloved, and “Times Be Short” shelters a hooky guitar riff akin to ’80s earworms like “Jessie’s Girl.” When they go heavy and all-out on the snarling “Arm Of The T-Rex,” I forget that I normally prefer quiet folk music and get the urge to destroy everything in my path. Beech Creeps is 39 minutes of music aggressively imaginative rock that will sink its teeth into you, sans the poison and pain of most flesh wounds. Listen below.

Tour dates:
02/26 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
03/03 Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool (Record Release show, tickets here)
03/13 Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooski’s
03/15 Memphis, TN @ Murphy’s
03/17 Austin, TX @ The Annex (SXSW Escapes party)
3/19 Austin, TX @ 1500 E 2nd St. (SXSW KVRX party)
3/19 Austin, TX @ Beerland (Monofonus Press show)
3/20 Austin, TX @ TBA (SXSW secret pool party)

Beech Creeps is out 3/3 on Monofonus Press.

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