Dinner – “Say What You Want” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Danish producer and singer Anders Rhedin, who records under the name Dinner, doesn’t have a full-length album to his name yet. But since 2012, Rhedin has released one EP of synth-heavy, raunchy glam-pop per year, and in April, Captured Tracks will put out a collection of these recordings, fittingly titled Three EPs, 2012-2014. Our first peak at that compilation comes today via the video for “Say What You Want,” an elegiac slow-burner featuring Rhedin’s hypnotic, vowel-rich vocal delivery and somber keyboard chords. The song is heavy enough, but director Lily X. Wahrman’s video brings us claustrophobically close to Rhedin as he intones “love is death” — a move that adds a few tons of emotional weight to the experience. Rhedin’s thoughts on the video are a bit lighter: “Lily X. and I started the day of the video shoot by meditating on impermanence. Then we [spent] the next 3 hours or so on trying on lipstick to find the exact right shade. We listened to Klaus Nomi and Madonna and drank vodka. Then I improvised a little in front of the camera, and the video was done.” Sounds about right. Watch it below.

Here’s the Three EPs tracklist:
01 “Going Out”
02 “Skid Row”
03 “3rd Presence”
04 “The Dawn Is Here”
05 “This Girl”
06 “Overtake”
07 “Girl”
08 “Ok, Alright (Late Night Vocal Version)”
09 “You Are Like LA”
10 “Say What You Want (Love Is Death) (Soft Version)”
11 “Stone Town (Berlin Mix)”

And here’s the cover, which captures an unsettling vibe similar to but distinct from the video:

Three EPs, 2012-2014

Three EPs, 2012-2014 is out 4/14 via Captured Tracks.