This Is The Kit – “Bashed Out” Video

“So the outside it bashes us in, bashes us about a bit.” That’s how Kate Stables (aka This Is The Kit) begins “Bashed Out” the nimble, rueful lead single from her forthcoming record of the same name. When we premiered the song a few weeks ago, I was struck by the grace with which Stables narrates internal collapse, the inevitable descent of a fresh, pure soul into the murky swamp of misery. In the video for the song, we see a lone, harried man trapped in a tiny room battling rising water. Simultaneously, a swamp is swallowing up earth, then rescinding, spitting the soil back out, and all the while Stables and her band stoically play their instruments on a deserted beach. In utter surrender, the trapped man dives headfirst into the swamp’s onslaught, an act that ends up freeing him from his struggle. “Blessed are those who see and are silent,” Stables quietly sings on the song’s refrain, hinting that she knew redemption’s secret all along. Life may leave us battered and dinged, but the wisdom found in surrender is worth the bruising. Watch it below.

Bashed Out will be out April 6 via Brassland.