The Slow Revolt – “Farther” (Stereogum Premiere)

Joe Mirza’s heady, flickering production as the Slow Revolt has been steadily gaining in his native London. The producer’s latest track “Farther” pushes the boundaries of a relationship, asking for more with slowly building desperation. The track’s pleading reaches a pinnacle of synths, beats and bass as Mirza’s velvet voice begs the question “Could you feel farther?” with increasing insistence. Most love songs offer some sense of resolution, but it’s the edge-of-the-precipice feeling of “Farther” that makes it interesting — a rhetorical question that never gets answered with either assent or denial. It’s a bubble of pent-up emotion that keeps threatening to burst, but never does. Listen below.

“Farther” is out 4/27 via FIELDS.