Shura – “2Shy”

There’s a special delicacy to love songs celebrating shy people. Maybe being shy used to be a more popular subject for songwriters — in the ’80s we got classic songs on the theme such as “Ask” by the Smiths and “Too Shy” by Kajagoogoo — but in the age of Youtube phenomenons and cataloguing every detail of our lives on social media, shyness has faded back into wallflower territory. Enter Shura with “2Shy” proclaiming herself the shyest of them all, delivering a breathy mix of backtracking thoughts and hidden desire. Some pop-R&B hybrids build into towering climaxes, but Shura’s track keeps curling and curling in on itself like a spiral seashell. Her lyrics have the same unassuming depth of emotion and strangely specific everyday details that made Jim Croce a brilliant songwriter — and surely he’s written the archetypal shy song. Throw this song on and think of all the people who might have a crush on you right now but they’re too shy to come up to you at the party! Listening to this song and wallowing in shyness is an excellent way to go, but using it as the impetus to make the first move is a better one. Hear it below and start scheming on your own resident wallflower — they probably already feel the same way about you.

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