Bobby Brackins – “My Jam” (Feat. Zendaya & Jeremih) Video

When “My Jam” first dropped, not only did I laud it as the next inescapable song of the summer, I also fervently wished it would get a dance-ready, colorful video. My wish has been granted. Bobby Brackins, Zendaya, and Jeremih all cleared their schedules, hopped a flight to Puerto Rico, and captured the day-drunk, effervescent feel of the song. The clip is a cinematic tour through the island’s countryside combined with the colorful pop-rock magic of their traveling dance party. Most of all, it’s fun. “My Jam” follows in the long lineage of songs like “Happy” that can be enjoyed with the same enthusiasm by anyone from nine to 90. Considering the song’s G-rating and Zendaya’s recent graduation from the Disney channel crowd, I bet a lot of kids are going to be dancing along to the video this summer. Watch it below.

(via Buzzfeed)