Sheer Mag – “Button Up”

Sheer Mag – “Button Up”

Sheer Mag’s Christina Halladay sings like she doesn’t have anything to prove to you, but she’s going to fucking prove it anyway. The Philadelphia band released a self-titled 7″ EP back in September, and they’ve got another self-titled 7″ EP on the way. And the infectious “Button Up” is a hell of a first single, half-drowning Halladay’s delightfully snotty vocals under scuzzy Thin Lizzy power chords that have some real, tactile crunch to them. It sounds lo-fi, but everything in the mix, including some surprisingly clean and bright surf guitar, shines through distinctly. Sheer Mag seem anything but buttoned up, and now that spring is around the corner, I’ve got a new song to blast from my car with the windows down. Listen below.

(via Noisey)

The second Sheer Mag EP will be out sometime this year via Katorga Works.

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