Strange Names – “Ricochet” (Yeasayer Remix)

Minneapolis dance trio Strange Names signed to the storied New York indie label Frenchkiss last summer, moved to Brooklyn, and began prepping their debut album Use Your Time Wisely. In the process, Liam Benzvi, Francis Ximenez, and Fletcher Aleckson picked up fans like Azealia Banks (who apparently went to high school with Benzvi), and Yeasayer, who remixed their lead single “Ricochet.” The original relies on a deep, grooving guitar lick to drive its lush explorations toward pretty straightforward pop. In their remix, Yeasayer smash the predictable linear pop of the initial song, recasting it under a glaze of ghostly house beats and wavy synths. Listen to both versions below.

The original:

Use Your Time Wisely is 5/19 via Frenchkiss.