Circuit Des Yeux – “Fantasize The Scene”

Haley Fohr wields her voice like it’s an extremely sharp knife she’s afraid to cut herself on. It’s so rare to hear a woman singing in a baritone voice, but it’s even rarer to hear one who can use it so fluidly. “Fantasize The Scene” is the first single off her new album as Circuit Des Yeux, and the song’s tender tension is completely held in check by Fohr’s restraint, her careful pronunciation. A sprinkle of vibrato here, a swelling climactic note held until it bursts — this is a woman who is playing her voice as carefully and precisely as the dark, droning guitars or muted, clattering percussion. Fohr’s been making music as Circuit Des Yeux for years now, but her forthcoming new album In Plain Speech will be released through Thrill Jockey, a worthy home for the prolific, determined artist. Both foreboding and beckoning, Fohr’s fantasies purposefully linger in flux, the final, quiet coda as a bookmark in a story unfinished. Her weapon’s sheathed for now. Listen below.

In Plain Speech is out 5/19 via Thrill Jockey. Pre-order it here.