Annabel – “Another Day, Another Vitamin”

During 2014’s year-end round-ups, James and I compiled a list of six breakout indie labels, honing in on a few unique operations that impressed us with their output over the course of those 12 months. One of those labels was Tiny Engines, the North Carolina-based imprint that’s best known for its steadfast adherence to choice emotive music from all parts of the states. Cayetana, Mannequin Pussy, Little Big League and now Adult Mom and Annabel, are just a few names off of their underground, but totally impressive roster. We premiered “Everything,” the first single off of Annabel’s forthcoming Evan Weiss-produced record Having It All, back in March, and today the Kent, Ohio-based band has presented their latest offering. “Another Day, Another Vitamin” shifts between stop-and-start commanding aggression and sentimental moments of respite. You could call it “emo,” or you could just call it really fucking good and be done with it. Listen below.

(via Fader)

Having It All is out in May via Tiny Engines.

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