NY Times Crossword Has 8-Letter Word For EDM Star

Crossword puzzles are a particularly interesting bit of cultural ephemera. Not only are they clever as hell, they also reveal the values and trends of culture. There’s an understanding that these clues should be solvable for people who are well-versed in all manners of subjects. As of Saturday, the esteemed New York Times crossword added Skrillex to the clues that puzzlers should be able to unravel. His clue: “Leader in electronic music with multiple Grammys.”

It’s a bit humorous to consider Skrillex as a clue, since the median age of avid crossworders is — at least stereotypically — considerably older than the audience who are familiar with EDM culture. For instance, one frequent puzzler figured out it was Skrillex but spelled his name wrong. Since EDM has been maligned as something of a lowbrow subcategory of electronic music, it’s also deeply amusing to me that Skrillex’s name enter the highbrow realm of crossword puzzle clue. Somewhere, Diplo is calling his manager demanding he become a five letter electronic music magnate by next Sunday.

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