Stream Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen, & Hans-Peter Lindstrøm Runddans

Stream Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen, & Hans-Peter Lindstrøm Runddans

It’s tempting to describe Lindstrøm’s music simply as the kind of electronic music that makes it into The New Yorker, who are premiering his collaborative album Runddans with Todd Rundgren and Emil Nikolaisen. That, however, requires its own set of knowledge concerning print publication hierarchies and electronic music signifiers, so it’s easier to note that Hans-Peter Lindstrøm’s music has the poignancy and chilling weirdness of a Ray Bradbury sci-fi novel. While his particular bent of electronic production has earned the title “space disco” it’s much more Martian Chronicles than deep space. There’s an arid, eerie eternity to this 39-minute set — that’s ostensibly broken into 12 parts — a sense of gritty drift that suggests the underworld life of a desert more than a galaxy’s clinical chill. Absurdity lurks, but moreso to belie the underlying earnestness than to mock the universe and its habits. It’s alien in the way it should be alien; music coming from far enough away that it’s not forming its own grammar, but has evolved beyond those kind of organizational systems. Colonize your ears; listen below.

(via the New Yorker)

For those keen on the whole set, also check out frequent collaborator London DJ Erol Alkan’s 10-minute Ruddans rework.

Rundanns is out 5/5 via Smalltown Supersound.

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