Bent Denim – “Good Night’s Sleep” Video

Bent Denim is Dennis Sager and Bennett Littlejohn, a puppy-dog-eyed duo who pass emotions back and forth between New Orleans to Nashville until misty, gut-wrenching songs coalesce. Ahead of its release we are streaming their entire Romances You EP, but today they also shared the video to accompany its first track “Good Night’s Sleep.” Thing is, the song isn’t about sleeping at all, but rather the thoughts, decisions, and fates that occupy our mind when we’re tossing and turning with restless insomnia. With songs like this, it’s hard to project too much onto them, but the video helps direct our thoughts toward the abortion it seems to discuss. “I was a father for a few weeks/ But you wouldn’t let me” is a particularly flooring lyric — consequences, responsibility and authority bound together in one damningly selfish, desperate line. The girl in this video too manages to portray the overhaul of emotions that a situation like this entails. Bent Denim make sad pop about tackling impossible decisions and the looming specter of adulthood; this video brings those melancholy visions to life. Watch it below.

(via CMJ)

Romances You is out 4/28. Pre-order it here.

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