Watch Kurt & Courtney Mock Sassy Reader’s Angry Letter In ’92 Home Video

The new Kurt Cobain documentary Montage Of Heck has been in select theaters since 4/10, but will officially air on HBO on 5/4. In the meantime, bits of footage are surfacing on the internet, such as the below clip of Love reading an irate letter-to-the-editor regarding the couple’s lovey-dovey, iconic Sassy cover. In the clip, they’re in that old L.A. apartment — the one that’s now an Airbnb — and Love reads the letter out loud while Cobain stands in a dress, lipstick, and fake mustache, mouthing along and acting out the words. The author of the letter says the cover made her want to “vomit” and calls Cobain a “God of love.” When Love reads the part where the angry reader calls Hole a “sucky band,” she actually starts laughing. It seems like the couple are mocking the letter not out of any hatred of their own, but in an act of catharsis that rebuts this kind of hate speech. I hope whoever wrote this letter gets to see the object of her affections mocking how petty and crazed it is. This is probably just a smidgen of what Courtney Love still deals with on a daily basis from Nirvana superfans. Watch it below.

Cobain: Montage Of Heck will air 5/4 on HBO. Read our review here.