Pale Honey – “Lonesome”

Both of the other Pale Honey songs I love sneak up on you. “Youth” and “Fish” both start off with just a drum pattern or a solo guitar riff, building from a relatively quiet intro into a big, crashing chorus that smacks of satisfaction. The Swedish duo new single “Lonesome” is a little different — there’s nothing to build to here, the leaving has already been done. Everything hits at once right from the start. A menacing bassline looms over chiming synths and twanging, crashing guitars; even if the end is near, this will be not be a gentle departure into that good night. Tuva Lodmark and Nelly Daltrey aren’t trying to make anything but straight forward, no-holds-barred rock music. “I know I’ll get along without you,” Lodmarks muses, but her guitar is already saying that louder than the lyrics ever will. Listen below.