Dikembe – “Surfed In The Loft” (Stereogum Premiere)

Dikembe have long been one of the greatest emo bands in the land, and they’ll continue that streak with the Ledge EP. The Floridians will self-release the four-song set, which trades the wide-scale dramatics of last year’s Mediumship for more of a punchy alt-rock sound a la Brand New or Balance And Composure. Single “Surfed In The Loft” kicks off with a steady, mid-tempo rhythmic churn, Steven Gray musing, “I get awful, I know I get awful/ But it’s awful here.” Eventually it surges into the sort of climax Dikembe are known for, albeit one that shows they’ve learned how to reign in their power with extra finesse.

Some insight on the track from Gray:

“Surfed In The Loft” is one of the songs where the lyrics and melody were written first. The riffs didn’t come along until later, and when they did it just clicked. Lyrically, it’s about dealing with panic attacks and anxiety. Sort of a “Please be okay with this” type of plea.

Hear “Surfed In The Loft” below along with the previously released “Teeth In The Sink.”

Ledge is out 6/2. Pre-order it at Dikembe’s website.

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