Passion Pit @ Pianos, NYC 8/27/08

Scott and I swung into Pianos last night to check in with electropop outfit Passion Pit. And clearly, someone’s doing their work in that camp. The Boston band recently signed to Frenchkiss, and on the back of a mostly solid (and in the case of “I’ve Got Your Number,” very addictive) EP Chunk Of Change, they just closed out a residency at Pianos in the LES. Last night was sold out. After everyone I saw at McCarren this past Sunday insisted I go … I went. And they were worth it — good, dancey, and loud. With the keyboards (so many keyboards) and helium vocals they’re like an indie rock Supertramp. That aspect is cool. The hooks stick. It’s ballsy that they’re already rearranging their stronger material (swapping the Jackson 5 bounce of “Better Things” for something more rocking), and while I’d rather have had “The Love You Save” flashbacks, they did pull it off. I don’t know if they’re your new favorite band, but it’s certainly worth playing catch up to find out. At the very least, track down Chunk Of Change for “I’ve Got Your Number,” which is very repeatable (and sorta reminds me of another up and coming electro dance outfit, Brooklyn’s Chairlift). You can hear the songs in question at MySpace, or grab an MP3 and some more shots below.

Here’s the lead MP3, complete with Kanye style sped up vocal sample:

Passion Pit – “Sleepyhead” (MP3)

Chunk Of Change is being re-released on 9/16 by Frenchkiss. There’s a full length coming in early ’09, and there’s a few photos here to tide you over ’til then.

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