Seapony – “Saw The Light” (Stereogum Premiere)

Seapony – “Saw The Light” (Stereogum Premiere)

If you’ve spent any time at all in Seattle, you know that water informs most of the landscape. It’s a city perched on the edge of the ocean, and that expansive, fluid sense of possibility emerges in plenty of the art that’s created within its borders. Jenny Weidl and Danny Rowland recorded and wrote together plenty before they moved to the city in 2010, but it comes as no surprise that it wasn’t until they relocated and met bassist Ian Brewer that Seapony really came together. They make shoegaze that feels tied to the tides, cyclical currents, and the glimmering inevitability of the sea. After two LPs with Hardly Art — Go With Me and Falling — the group is self-releasing third album A Vision. Today we’re premiering the lead single, an inevitable bit of dream pop called “Saw The Light.” It’s a slow, steady, melancholic reflection on the horizon — moody, curious and resigned at the same time. Eventually, they traded in their vintage drum machine for living, breathing percussionist Aaron Voros, and his presence is also palpable here in stuttering fills. The way Real Estate use their meandering, repetitive guitar lines to chronicle the claustrophobic feeling of New Jersey suburbs, Seapony encapsulate Seattle. It just sounds like driving through Ballard, with the hint of Golden Gardens and the ocean just ahead. Listen.

A Vision tracklist:

01 “Saw The Light”
02 “Bad Dream”
03 “Couldn’t Be”
04 “Everyday All Alone”
05 “Hollow Moon”
06 “Let Go”
07 “A Place We Can Go”
08 “Go Nowhere”
09 “In Heaven”
10 “New Circle”
11 “A Vision”

A Vision is out 7/31. Pre-order it here.

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