Hear An Unreleased Collab From Kelela, Ratking’s Hak, Skrillex, & Clams Casino

The DJ Know Wave’s Gully Type web radio show is a reliable source of dancehall and things that kind of sound like dancehall. and on his most recent show, Know Wave debuted a new exclusive that features an impressive list of names. The song has the slinky R&B futurist Kelela and Hak, a member of the New York street-urchin rap group Ratking, going in over a track produced by the pictured-above unlikely team-up of Skrillex and Clams Casino. That sounds like it should be a mess, but it’s a foggy, subtle track that organically pulls in all four artists’ aesthetics. It totally works in ways that it probably shouldn’t. Check it out around the 1:21:10 mark of the show below.

(via FADER)

No word on whether the song will come out or even what it’s called, but it should probably come out because it’s good.