Seven Davis Jr. – “Fighters” (Stereogum Premiere)

Though he was born in Texas and raised on soul, Seven Davis Jr. moved to Northern California and discovered house and jungle as a teen. His debut album Universes loops those influences together, stringing deep funk grooves alongside itchy house percussion, floating processed gospel harmonies above the fray. Previously, Davis shared the quick euphoria of “Sunday Morning,” and today we’re premiering a track that delves toward deeper, existential questions, digging beneath that song’s light, happy atmosphere. Still, Davis is adamant that “Fighters” is uplifting too, as it examines recent social unrest in America and elsewhere. From the first staccato burst of white noise, his soulful vocals are there too, offering solace from the chaos that can feel relentless.

Davis explained in eloquent terms the sophisticated questions he’s getting at here, so read his thoughts on the song and listen below:

“Fighters” was inspired by seeing the different struggles and political issues of other countries during my travels. Especially watching the current violence in America escalate, from outside of America. How some people fight for very valid reasons and others may be fighting to preserve old practices that are no longer appropriate in today’s world. The lyrics “They’re killing themselves” refers to officers in America who have been killing and targeting innocent African Americans. That those officers are killing themselves each time they kill an innocent African American. Not just in America but anywhere people are being murdered.

Universes is out 7/24 via Ninja Tune. Pre-order it here.