Dances – “Holy Fool” Video

Dances – “Holy Fool” Video

Everything seems to be going wrong in Brooklyn transplants Dances’ new video for their track “Holy Fool,” a song that bears the definite influence of Britpop in general and Blur in specific, particularly singer Trevor Vaz’s rough, apathetic voice. Minuscule accidents create an uncontrollable chaos: Milk is poured over a bell jar containing a dead duckling, coffee is dumped on cars and people, cigarettes are flicked away at the start of a make-out session, a cereal-filled piñata is slashed with a samurai sword. All the while everyone remains passive, as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. The video is shot entirely in slow-motion, making for absolutely stunning visuals. It’s strangely satisfying, watching destruction ensue. Alec Macdonald and Bernardo Garcia direct; watch below.

Dances will play 1.21 Gigawatts’ Northside Festival on 6/13, and their debut LP, Keep Talking, is out 9/4 via Black Bell Records/Gigawatts Records.

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