Eldridge Rodriguez – “Big Dead Heart” (Stereogum Premiere)

Eldridge Rodriguez is the current project and songwriting moniker of Cameron Keiber, formerly frontman of Boston indie band the Beatings. Eldridge Rodriguez’s last release was 2011’s You Are Released, and soon, the band — which also includes members of Louder My Dear — will return with their fifth album, The Castrati Menace. The upcoming record explores themes of nature, religion, and entitlement, and seeks forgiveness and redemption, but in an aggressive, disparaging toned. Castrati were Italian classical male singers, whose high tenor and soprano voices were produced by castration before puberty. The band’s new single, “Big Dead Heart,” counters Castrati youth and falsetto with growling vocals, noisy drums, and flippant lyrics that speak of pain and a “hateful kind of wit.” Whenever Keiber sings in a calm reflective voice, his thoughts and music soon build into screams that refuse to rehash the past, “because it’s just a little heart attack.” Listen.

The Castrati Menace is schedule to be released this fall via Midriff Records.