God Bless The MP3 Blogs

After Apple’s Nano announcement on Wednesday, my iPod was feeling fat and sluggish. But now it’s been rejuvinated by these hot leaks:

Nada Surf – “Blankest Year”
Barsuk boys’ pop is even more impressive when you realize their most memorable tunes are often only two minutes long.
Download MP3 at Jefitoblog

Franz Ferdinand – “Eleanor Put Your Boots On”
Do you wanna hear new Franz (even if the beginning rips of Blur’s “The Universal”)?
Download MP3 at Dreams Of Horses

Rogue Wave – “Everyday”
Cover tune from the soundtrack to Stubbs The Zombie, a videogame about 1950s zombies (the best kind of zombies IMHO).
Download MP3 at Moistworks

Gang Of Four – “To Hell With Poverty (Go Home Productions Mix)”
Mash-up maestros reimagine a post-punk classic for the forthcoming GO4 remix CD.
Download MP3 at Banana Nutrament

Dios Malos – “My Broken Bones”
New disc’s been dubbed Dios (Malos). I think they’re still sore about having to change their name.
Download MP3 at Bars And Guitars

Nellie McKay – “If I Needed Someone”
I’m sort of over Nellie, but this has whet my appetite for that Rubber Soul tribute we were talking about.
Download MP3 at The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff

Metric – “Police And The Private”
My new favorite Metric song.
Download MP3 at Fluxblog

Boards Of Canada – “Peacock Tail”
The best BOC songs are the creepy ones. “Peacock” doesn’t fit the bill like “Chromakey Dreamcoat” does, but snatch anyway.
Download MP3 at Bomarr Blog

Got any brand spankin’ new rock on your site? Post a link in the comments.