Future – “Never Gon Lose” Video

How could you expect a rapper who named himself right out of the present moment to ever stop going in? Future continues to fulfill his own self-dubbed destiny, perpetually pushing himself ever onward. So, he’s given us yet another new video, this time for “Never Gon Lose,” doubling down on his promise to be forever with us. This song is full of some especially dark and brilliant wordplay from Future: “Sip on the lean like a fifth of the dark.” Attempting to unpack that line, I’m still awed by the ominous sensibility it contains; lean is comparable to a fifth of alcohol, but the distillery it comes from is darkness? How anyone can argue that rap isn’t poetry is beyond me. The Spiff TV-directed video is also great because Future does a lot of dancing, and he seems to be amping up that aspect of his performance more and more in videos. I’m here for it. The only thing I’m not here for, really, is the annoying DJ Esco drop that’s littered throughout the video. This is from a mixtape, after all. Watch below.

Download 56 Nights here via Datpiff.